2.1.1 Company Operations

All aerial operations using remotely piloted aircraft will be conducted in accordance with the conditions and limitations placed on the (insert COMPANY NAME) Operators Certificate.

We are all committed to aviation safety and will pursue this by:

  • The ongoing pursuit of an accident free workplace, including no harm to people, no damage to equipment, the environment and property.
  • Nurturing a culture of open reporting of all safety hazards in which management will not initiate disciplinary action against any personnel who, in good faith, disclose a hazard or safety occurrence due to unintentional conduct.
  • Providing support for safety awareness and training.
  • Conducting regular audits of policies, procedures and actual practices.
  • Consulting with the RPAS community to ensure best safety practices are incorporated into our operation.

The systematic identification and control of all major hazards is the foundation of safety.